Kos Audio

The Companion

Did you know that over 50% of the POD's parameters are not accessible or accurately adjustable from the front panel or Floor Board? Without connecting your POD to a computer or other MIDI control device, you cannot access or accurately set those parameters.

The Companion is a small, standalone, easy-to-use deep editor for your Line 6 POD. It features a backlit LCD display, a data entry knob, and a push button as the user interface to a menu driven navigation system. It interfaces with the POD using MIDI. The Companion can access every parameter of the POD without the need for a computer.

Not only that, but the Companion also features four expression pedal inputs which let you control any four POD parameters with any standard expression pedal or volume pedal!  I also offer a special pedal for use with the wah which features a toe-down switch to turn the wah on and off like a normal wah pedal.

Please contact John Kos for further information about this item.

POD and Floor Board are trademarks of Line 6 which is not affiliated with Kos Audio in any way.