Add an S/PDIF output to your POD!

Using the Crystal Semiconductor CS8420 digital audio sample rate converter and a few supporting components an S/PDIF output can be added to your POD. You choose the fixed output sample rate of 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz. A switchable sample rate version will be made available if demand is strong enough. I will also offer a kit for those who feel competent enough to work on their POD.

Finally use that S/PDIF In on your sound card and skip a D/A-A/D process.

I will offer this as a scheduled service to prevent delays. I want to have your POD for as little time as possible so that you have more time to play it. I prefer to work on out-of-warranty PODs.

Please contact John Kos for further information about this item.

POD is a trademark of Line 6 which is not affiliated with Kos Audio in any way.